Research at GTQI

Research at GTQI is guided primarily by the interests and expertise of the affiliate members. Projects may involve small groups within GTQI or they may involve nearly the entire Institute. The close proximity of multiple disciplines will enhance the breadth of ideas that can be explored.

Three examples of project goals for the first five years at GTQI are (1) a quantum analog simulator that can simulate a physical system in a manner that can not be achieved classically, for example, simulating a condensed matter system of 100 interaction fermions with an trapped ion array, (2) a quantum repeater that could facilitate a quantum secure Internet, for example, using atomic ensembles and (3) an insight or defining experiment that sheds new light on the fundamental nature of quantum processes, for example, the dynamics of entanglement during the interaction of an atom with a molecule.

The topics listed to the left are examples of initial project topics that are of interest to people at GTQI.