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David Bucknall
Associate Professor

Dr. David G. Bucknall has broad research interests in polymer physics and physical chemistry of polymers and biomaterials. Before joining Georgia Tech he held positions most recently at the University of Oxford (1999-2004) and before that at the UK national ISIS Neutron Facility at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (1992-1999). At the ISIS Neutron Facility he was in the Large Scale Structures group and responsible for the neutron reflectivity instrument CRISP. During this period he collaborated with a number of international groups on aspects of polymers, biomaterials and magnetism. At the University of Oxford, he was a lecturer in the Department of Materials (Polymers and Biomaterials Group). Professor Bucknall received the King Memorial Medal for Physical Chemistry, Nottingham University, 1988 and Diploma of Imperial College, 1991.

Dr. Bucknall's areas of specialization are: Polymer interfaces and surfaces, functionalised polymers, polymer molecular architecture, polyrotaxanes, self-assembling structures, neutron scattering and reflectivity, thin films, polymer soft lithography and nanopatterning, field effects on polymers, polymer-plasticiser diffusion and other diffusion processes, biomolecular layers at surfaces, industrial inkjet (digital) printing, fluid wetting behaviour, microfluidics.

At Georgia Tech he holds an Associate Professor position in the School of Polymer, Textile and Fiber Engineering with an adjunct position in Materials Science and Engineering.